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Woodman - Console 10 Desk

Desk is made of white MFC (cristal) and MDF board, gloss 15. Drawers moving by metal BLUM roller rails. Extendable desktop moves by metal telescopic rails. When the pull-out work surface are pulled out then the depth of the product will be 56(cm). The upper surface measurement are W100/D36 (cm) and lower measurement W92/D35 (cm). Drawer inside...

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Karup - Comfort Matress

Handcrafted Japanese futon mattress. The mattress is made out of six layers of cotton and 4 cm foam. The cover is made of 100% cotton.

290,00 EUR
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TemaHome - Cliff 120 Tv...

The versatile Cliff tv table adapts to every corner of the house. Designer: John Jenkins

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Woodman - Floor Lamp Table

Solid Oak with white Shade. Cable is dark/black. Plastic shade, covered with fabric. Table height from bottom: 54 cm; Shade height from bottom: 130 cm; Shade height: 23 cm; Diameter: 35 cm

334,00 EUR
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Woodman - Northgate Desk...

* is out of stock, available again from 10.12.21 + usual delivery time will be added The upper body made of gray MFC board. Drawer made of gray MFC board, rails blum metal. Legs frame solid birch painted with whitewashed lack.  Drawer: 57 x 28 x 5 cm (W x D x H)

378,00 EUR
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Woodman - Blanco Console Table

This collection fuses clean contemporary lines with functionality. The painted white cabinets sit on tapered legs of solid Oak. With a wide range of items available, this furniture is as comfortable in a modern home as a traditional interior. Drawer: 112 x 23 x 8 cm See picture from client HERE.

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Woodman - Mora Bedroom Chest

* 254468711112 is out of stock, available again from 01.02.22 + usual delivery time will be added Product made of oak veneered particleboard. Oak veneered details are painted with mat clear lack, gloss 10%. Legs frame made of solid birch which is stained with black stains and painted with clear mat lack. Doors are printed with special herringbone/diamond...

1 035,00 EUR
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Furgner - Montesano Sofa Meda

Montesano collection has metallic legs and comfortable seat position. If you would like to rest your legs, we recommend to order an ottoman (239€).  Martindale: 42 000 Available in five different fabrics, it's up to you to personalize Monetsano as you please. Contact us for receiving the samples.  * See the picture of client's Montesano sofa finished...

756,00 EUR
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Woodman - Frame Stool

The seat plate is made of Oak veneerd particleboard. Oak surfaces are painted with clear lack (gloss 20).Legs frame made of round steel pipe, which are painted with back( Ral 9005) powder paint.

157,00 EUR
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Woodman - Northgate Long...

Frame made of solid oak, painted with clear lack. Shelf and lower structure bar made of white MFC board. Rails made of cromed steel pipe.  The height of the lower shelf from ground is 25cm. Shelf size is 90x45cm.

363,00 EUR
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Woodman - Northgate Shoe...

The whole corpus is made of white MDF. Side frames and handles solid oak. Shoe locker system white plastic. One shelf fits approximately 2-3 pairs men's shoues and 4-5 pairs women shoes.

310,00 EUR
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Woodman - Nice Desk

Table top is made of Oak veneered partcle board or MFC board (white). Drawers and body is made of Oak veneered particleboard, painted with clear lack (gloss 10%). Legs frame made of solid Oak, painted with clear lack (gloss10%). Handles made of solid brass. Drawer inside measurements are 20,2 x 55 x 54 cm. Drawer is without the rails like drawers used to...

624,00 EUR
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Woodman - Sonnenblick Desk

Body semi white painted melamine, semi oak veneered particleboard. Legs solid oak, the upper end painted white. Drawer white melamine, metal rails. Drawer: 36 x 38 x 5 cm

579,00 EUR
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Woodman - Eigen Coat Stand...

Finger jointed solid Oak, varnisched with black stain and covered with clear matt lack 10%. 

175,00 EUR
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Woodman - Avon Narrow bookcase

The housing is made of oak veneered particle board. Legs frame is made of oak veneered plywood, legs made of solid oak. All oak surfaces are painted with clear lack, Gloss 20%.   The doors and back wall is made of MDF, painted with musticolor PU paint, Gloss20%. Doord hinges and all fitting made of metal.

716,00 EUR
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Woodman - Kensal Nordic TV...

Body in white painted MFC, drawers white MFC with Blum tandem rails. Plinth oak veneered plywood. Legs and handles solid oak. Plinth, legs, handles varnished with clear lack.  See picture from client HERE.

524,00 EUR
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Woodman - Farsta Bedside White

Floating bedside is with a one drawer and wall-hung bedside table. This bedside attaches to the wall to maximise space use in small bedrooms. One drawer to fit all your bits and pieces. The top surface is perfect to fit a lamp, book and clock into a minimal space. Easy to fit to the wall, mounting hardware and full instructions included. Product is ready...

111,00 EUR
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Furgner - Pegasus Corner...

* Sample Sofa in Furgner Store at Sakala Street 7 Tallinn. Sofa width on the picture 261 cm. Pegasus collection airy appearance and comfortable seat position. If you would like to rest your legs, we recommend to order an ottoman which are available in two sizes 60 x 90 cm (334€) and 60 x 75 cm (278€). Covers of pillows are removable. Martindale: 180 500...

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Woodman - Lilla Ateljen...

Sideboard casing is made of ash veneered particleboard. The doors frame is made solid ash, the frame is braided with natural sisal rope. The legs frame is made solid ash,which is journalled together. Behind the two middle doors is one fixed shelf. The doors move by pin hinges and will closes with magnets. At the door is height 454mm. and 389mm. deep.The...

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Woodman - Jugend Desk

*222209001162 is out of stock, available again from 29.10.21 + usual delivery time will be added The all body is made of white washed oak veneered particleboard. All product is varnished with clear lack. Desk has soft close drawer slide rails.Two drawers has an internal dimension W27 D38 H8 (cm). Height under the drawer box is 48 cm. Height under the...

541,00 EUR
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Woodman - Drum Coffee Table...

* is out of stock, available again from 10.12.21 + usual delivery time will be added Part of the Drum furniture collection, this modern round coffee table will add the modern style You're looking for without going over the top. The drum design features a oak/ black stained finished. This table features a unique circular wooden slats frame that's...

495,00 EUR
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Karup - Wrap mattress

Wrap - Featuring a large, stylish cushion with just the right amount of filling for extra back support, Wrap is an essential ingredient for having a good time. Whether you’re in the mood for playing a game on your PlayStation, watch your all-time favourite TV series or simply hang out with friends, this cozy convertible futon chair-bed always has your...

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